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Forum's Rules

Post by Kamiki on Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:21 pm

Forum's Rules

Register Rules :
You have to register on forum with your Survival Online character name, with a real e-mail adress to recieve news and all other things . If you made a mistake in the spelling, we can edit it, don't worry .

Basic Rules :
You have to be polite and make a good introduction of yourself in the right category here . The forum has been made to give informations to members (raids, drops, Guild Storage, etc ...) . You can check all the forum category to learn more about . You can click on the Live Chat to logg in and chat with guild members or to contact Guild Master (me) if I am away from the game (I will be here often if I'm not logged in) .

Avatar Rules :
As avatar, you have to put your Game Character in 200x450 pixels maximum . Do a Print screen and make an avatar, or I can help you !

That's all ! Don't forget to check the Guild Rules !


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