Guild's Rules

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Guild's Rules

Post by Kamiki on Mon Apr 27, 2015 10:19 pm

Guild's Rules

Raiding Rules :
Raids are not planned by advance . We do it when we can . At the moment, we are able to raid : Karen, DDT (Devildom Territory), DDF (Devildom Fortress) with many people, BA (Burning Adealia) . We want to do Pagel but we need Mages !
You can solo/duo DDT and Karen Ini, it's easy.

Drop Rules :
Only Masters and Admins can take the drop and put it in Guild Storage . If you do a solo raid (DDT, Karen) you can keep the drop, or put it in GS if you don't need it .
Drop List :
- DDT : 115 sets and 120 jewels
- Karen Ini : 114 Karen weapons
- BA : Set 135
- DDF : 135 wapons
- Pagel : Best skin ever
- Siren : jewels 135

Stuff Rules :
You can ask for stuff, of course . For 120-135 stuff you need to raid with guild, we are not gonna stuff people who just enter the guild . Keep it in mind ^^ but 115 set and Karen weaps can be given when you enter.

Alt Rules :
There is an alt Guild called Reborn, my cleric is the Master and the GS is full of 115 set and Karen weapons . If you do an alt, please, put it in this guild, except if it's a really hard played alt. We need Mages anyway .

That's all ! Have fun !


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